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Discover - Vintage Lanterns from Etsy

The Leaning Cottage

Out of curiosity I went to Etsy and plugged the search term lanterns into their vintage category to see what I might find.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many interesting outdoor lanterns with character.  there are many more from the Etsy search but here are a few that caught my attention.

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I Spy - Global Style Lanterns

Simon Upton Global Style Outdoor Lanterns at Home Infatuation BlogSimon Upton

Lanterns are not only a source of light but are a decorative accessory.  As an accessory lanterns can be a vehicle for introducing a design style to space.  In these examples lanterns in a global style set the design tone for these outdoor spaces.

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I Spy - Tabletop Lanterns

Source Unknown

Lanterns on dining and coffee tables create a great centerpiece. 

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I Spy - Floor Lanterns

Backen Gillam Kroeger Architects Outdoor Lanterns at Home Infatuation BlogBacken Gillam & Kroeger Architects

Lanterns placed on the ground can light a path or provide ambient light.

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I Spy - Large Lanterns

House of Anais Large Outdoor Lanterns at Home Infatuation BlogHouse of Anais

Lanterns not only provide a source of light in an outdoor space but are also decorative accessories.  In these examples large decorative lanterns make a statement.

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Design 101 - Inspired by Halloween Black

Martha Stewart Halloween Black at Home Infatuation BlogMartha Stewart Halloween Decorating

Halloween is next week so everywhere I look there are Halloween decorations. From fall inspired to slasher movie gore, Halloween decorations come in a variety of design styles.  One consistent design element is the color black and seeing it constantly for the last few weeks reminds me how much I like this accent color.  This week I was inspired to go out and find a variety of design styles that beautifully use black as the color focal point.

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Design 101 - Fall Color Palette in Tan and Blue


Armchair Traveler - Fire and Flame via South Africa

Virgin Limited Ulusaba Luxury Hotel Lighting and Torches at Home Infatuation BlogVirgin Limited - Ulusaba


Armchair Traveler - Fire and Flame via Las Vegas

Loewes Lake Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Fire Pits at Home Infatuation BlogLoews - Lake Las Vegas

Fire pits, torches, lanterns and candles add drama, romanticism, light and warmth to an outdoor space.  We went armchair traveling this week for fire and flame design inspiration.  The use of gas lines and denatured alcohol as fuel for fire pits and torches opens up your design options.  As you'll see this week, hotels and spas have colored way outside the lines when designing with fire and flame and we love the dramatic results.