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Design 101 - Outdoor Rooms

Kelly Wearstler Luxury Outdoor Rooms at Home Infatuation BlogKelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler - Interiors


Discover - Outdoor Rooms by Caravita and la-Fete Design

Cabana Suite with Chaise and Lounge Chair

We have collaborated with two of our favorite manufacturers to offer this all-in-one Cabana Suite that includes a pavilion and daybed. The luxurious Toscana pavilion from Caravita® of Italy and the contemporary furnishings from la-Fete™ Design creates an instant suite of spa-like comfort.

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Get The Look - Tented Outdoor Rooms

Photo Inspiration Elizabeth Dinkel via Houzz

Designer Elizabeth Dinkel used a tent to define an outdoor room for a client.  The curtained tent provides privacy and sun shade as well as lends some softness to the structure.

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Design 101 - Open Air Structure Outdoor Rooms

Period Homes Luxury Outdoor Rooms at Home Infatuation BlogPeriod Homes via Houzz

Open air structures are another means to define outdoor rooms in your landscape.  Within these structures you may have more than one outdoor room or they can be singular purpose such as outdoor dining rooms.  Open air structures can provide shade and privacy and architectural interest to your outdoor space.

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Design 101 - Pergola Outdoor Rooms

Houzz Luxury Pergola Outdoor Rooms at Home Infatuation BlogTatiana via Houzz

Designing a pergola into your outdoor space is a means for defining an outdoor room.  Climbing foliage creates privacy and sun shade and softens the structure of a pergola.

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Inspiration Board - Outdoor Rooms

Luxury Outdoor Rooms at Home Infatuation Blog

We talk a lot about create outdoor rooms by way of space planning techniques.  You can also create an outdoor room by defining the space with a freestanding structure.  This week we will explore this concept of structurally defined outdoor rooms.

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Design Assistant - Need Design Tips for Your Outdoor Space? Submit Your Photos!

Are you looking out on an outdoor space that looks like Meryl and Chris’s of the Picardy Project or better?  Would you rather be looking out on an outdoor oasis?  Then send us photos of your space in need of help and we’ll give you some design suggestions and tips to assist you in getting started with remodeling your outdoor space. 

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