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Designer Profile - Scuptural Designs from la-Fete Design

Modular Compatability for Modern Living

La-fete Design furniture is known for its striking sculptural seating constructed of nearly 100% recyclable materials. The modular compatability of many of their products allows them to be used together to form creative seating arrangements.


Discover - Outdoor Rooms by Caravita and la-Fete Design

Cabana Suite with Chaise and Lounge Chair

We have collaborated with two of our favorite manufacturers to offer this all-in-one Cabana Suite that includes a pavilion and daybed. The luxurious Toscana pavilion from Caravita® of Italy and the contemporary furnishings from la-Fete™ Design creates an instant suite of spa-like comfort.

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Discover - Furnishings Fit for a Dock

Jager Janssen Architecture

Earlier in the week we wrote about outfitting the small footprint of your dock with multi-purpose and non-permanent furnishings that are easy to break down and set up. Today we are featuring specific products that will help you accomplish that goal.

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Discover - Modern Design Furniture

Sunday Collection Modern Design Outdoor Wicker at Home Infatuation BlogCubes - Sunday Collection at Home Infatuation

A fun aspect of this blog is re-discovering our product through the filter of a weekly topic.  It was a challenging design exercise to shop with the modern design concept of volume over mass in mind as the filter for finding furnishings.

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Discover - Create Instant Privacy with a Pod

Neoteric Genie

Being able to enjoy your time outdoors whether it is on the patio, rooftop or balcony for most of us still depends upon maintaining a certain degree of privacy.

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Design 101 - Denise Bates Enos on the Pod Lifestyle

Neoteric Melon Pod

Outdoor pods are a new concept in outdoor living and although we liked them immediately we were curious about the trend.  We sought out lifestyle writer Denise Bates Enos to tell us why the pod lifestyle is so appealing right now and how to incorporate it into your own outdoor space.

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Discover - The Many Faces of the Chaise Lounge

Home Infatuation Antiqua Chaise

There has probably been no other single piece of outdoor furniture that has seen so many different design renditions, colors and materials used to construct it then the chaise lounge.

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Discover - Paradise Found: Daybeds Were Made for Daydreams

Neoteric Spartan Daybed

For what reason besides daydreaming could the designer of the first daybed have had in mind? Yes, they are also good for sunbathing, reading or even intimate celebrations, but for most of us that is still daydreaming.

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Design 101 - Using a Daybed in Your Outdoor Space

Chad Oppenheim

With so many distinctively different shapes and sizes of outdoor daybeds now available we wanted to get the designer perspective on how to incorporate them into an outdoor space. So we spoke with Angie Thornbury owner and designer of la-Fete™ Design about how to incorporate a daybed into your outdoor space.

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Designer Week - The Designers of

The Luxury Outdoor Furnishings Designers of at Home Infatuation BlogThe Outdoor Furnishings Designers of

This week we are breaking from our normal editorial schedule to bring you an entire week of designer profiles!  Each day of the week we will be profiling one of's 2011 outdoor furnishings designers - Steve&James, Edwin Blue, Jason Champion OUTDOOR, MAMAGREEN and la-Fete Design.